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Have you got something to say about Knife Crime?

Get in touch and tell us how YOU feel about knife crime!

Mark from London:

Anyone caught with a knife should have automatic 5 year sentence & if you use it should be a lot more. depending on if someone was killed or not....

Nicole from London:

I think there needs to be more in in schools about knives and knife awareness. Most adults and children I speak to are clueless about the law especially joint enterprise. Challenging peoples perceptions on carrying knives for protection and teaching people how to combat peer pressure and bullying.

Natasha from London:

Say No 2 Knives- a campaign which provides a truthful and realistic view in to knife crime and its subsequent results. Say No 2 Knives is not only a support for those who have suffered the horror of knife crime, but those who also fear it. Direct victims, families, friends, even people who maybe used to or still do, carry knives, can benefit from this campaign. The only local campaign I know dedicated specifically toward fighting knife crime in the community, and therefore vital in providing information and experiences from those, in the hope of educating others. Education is of course, the key to change. An amazing effort by someone that talks from personal experience, and has proven that even the slightest form of help or advice, can make a big difference to someone in a knife crime situation.

Charlotte from Ireland:

I think people who carry knives are intentionally looking for trouble. If you carry as protection then you are still potentially carrying a life threatening weapon. Why not take up self defence classes or martial arts! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Get knives off our streets and educate the young!

Mark from Ireland:

Educate the young on the dangers of knives to break this pattern. Teach them a better solution other than violence. Be a leader, not a follower!

Dave from London:

As a young man I used to carry a knife, ashamed to say it but used to tell myself it was for protection. What a joke. If you carry a knife, more harm than good can only come of it. I’ve seen first hand what knives can do and how it can effect people. Don’t carry knives and report anyone who does. By the way, I am a lot wiser now and I DON’T CARRY ANYMORE!!