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Please answer the following questions and send them to cpac@sayno2knives.co.uk along with your name, age, school and form group.

1)      What number do you phone to contact the police in an emergency?

2)      What is the name of the company who patrol the park in Bromley?

3)      What is the website you would use to register your bike?

4)      Can you tell us what ‘joint enterprise’ means?

5)      How old do you have to be to buy a knife?

6)      What percentage of parents said they would prefer their child gave up their          possessions in an attack rather than defended them and get hurt?

7)      If you are arrested, your fingerprints and what else could be take?

8)      What number would you use to report non-emergency calls to the police?

9)      Which type of bike lock is the best one to buy?

10)   www.immobilise.com is the website to use to register which item?

11)   Name one consequence of having a criminal record.

12)   Which two teams can help you to have your bike marked?